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Mandrake - Vocals   (You Tube) 


Mandrake was born on March 25th 1980 in Sao Paulo Brazil. He started singing at the age of 13.His influences are traditional metal, classic and hard rock singer; Bruce Dickenson, Ian Gillian, Rob Halfrod, Dio and Axl Rose.


During his early years in Brazil Mandrake recorded and toured with; Voice's Kane, Sinrise, Ready Mades, Mandrake, Sacred Sinner and Iron Maiden, Judas Priest tributes. In 2002 Mandrake was invited to perform With Roland Grapow ( ex- Halloween) along with other names of the metal scene in Brazil, at Led's Lay in Sao Paulo.


After years of performing in Brazil, he was inspired to move to Los Angeles. Soon thereafter he got a call to audition for Axe Hammer. He recorded the album “Marching On”, released on July 2012 Via Pure Steel Records (recorded by Bill Metoyer) and toured Europe and the United States in support of Michael Schenker, Great White, Loudness, and Gama Ray with Axe Hammer.


Then He was singing and performing in the Southern California region in the following bands; Smoking Gunz, White Lie, Motley 2, Perfect Strangers, ULTRAMAIDEN. He has participated in many musical events singing with the following musicians; Courtney Cox, Mike Hansen, Zack Stevens, Neil Turbin, Rowan Robertson, and Roy Z among others.


Mandrake brings his unique, original voice and style to Attack of the Rising.


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